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Wifi drivers are hit-and-miss on Linux.

If you own any Atheros, you are in luck.

They are well supported and you should not encounter any issues with them.

Realtek is also a good brand for Network/Wifi controllers too, with good support on Linux.

ZyDAS ZD1211 based wifi controllers are also pretty good, with no proprietary firmware inside.

But then there's the ugly...

Broadcom only provides proprietary drivers and they come with a lot of issues,

and they also don't work well.

b43 and b43legacy support some broadcom chips and if you are lucky,

they should work out of the box.

Good news tho,

Cypress Semiconductor bought Broadcom's Wifi portfolio and recently opened up docs for some chips.

We'll see how it goes.

As far for Intel Wifi chips... Intel are very hostile to open up their wifi drivers.

Please, avoid using Intel PRO/Wireless series and replace them with something else like Atheros.

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Page last modified on December 22, 2016, at 07:05 AM EST