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DellardOS comes with no proprietary drivers and i would highly suggest if possible you do not install them.

Nvidia Cards

Pretty much any geforce cards, even the one with signed firmwares, will support 2D acceleration.

As for 3D acceleration... The only GPU cards that's supported without any firmwares blobs are the Geforce 4xx/6xx/7xx series, the most powerful being the Gefore Titan Black Edition, which is as powerful as a Geforce 970. The Geforce 750 Ti is also supported, even though it's Maxwell-based.

Starting with the Geforce 900 series, Nvidia signed the firmware drivers. The whole situation is so bad, we can't get 3D acceleration without them. One nouveau developer said it tried to workaround it but it was too difficult...

Nvidia is slow at releasing the signed firmwares and as a result, please, avoid any Geforce GPUs !

(other than the Kepler/Fermi series)

How to set the clock to its max speed

You first need to become root. If you are a user, you can do it like so in a terminal :

sudo -s

Then, depending on your card, try one of the commands :

echo 0f > /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/pstate

echo 0c > /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0/pstate

0f is the max speed, if it doesn't work, try with 0c instead.


AMD GPUs are also supported via the AMDGPU drivers but you will also need to install some firmware files.

However, if you install the Linux-libre kernel, it is possible to have 2D acceleration without any firmwares.

It might be possible in the near possible to have 3D acceleration on them, as firmwares are not signed unlike Nvidia's recent offering.

S3 Chrome

S3 Chrome GPUs are supported by the OpenChrome.

They don't require any firmware blobs as far as i know but they are very weak 3D cards.

One could argue they are 3D decelerators, rather than accelerators.

If you are looking for a powerful free software GPU, just pick up a Geforce 760 instead.

On top of that, support of them is lacking at best.

I personally don't own such a card (they are pretty uncommon) so you're on your own.


So how do you get 3D acceleration if your card only supports 2D acceleration ?

Easy, use software rendering !

Thanks to LLVMPipe/Mesa,

it is possible to get an OpenGL 3.3 compliant card and play a large amount of games on old hardware !

To do so, simply type LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 ./yourgameexecutable

To give you an idea how fast it is,

an AMD FX 6350 can run SkullGirls much faster than an Intel GMA 4500MHD could, while being more compliant.

The disadvantage of course is that a software renderer will never run as fast as a real GPU.

But if you own a powerful CPU (the Talos Workstation comes to mind),

the speed up provided should be more than enough for casual gaming.

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