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Technical Questions

Q: My wireless card is not supported, what can i do ?

2 solutions for this :
Use a USB WLAN key. You will get better signal too.
Replace the wireless device. Most portable computers allow you to do that.

Anything by Atheros is good as far support goes but please, avoid Intel.

Another solution might be to upgrade the Linux Kernel,
if you make sure to install all the modules as well.

Q: I own a Soundblaster 16 and can't hear any sounds !

Sorry but ALSA does not support the SoundBlaster 16.
Later releases of the Soundblaster should be supported though.
This is something i hope i can fix.
You can also use USB sound cards as a last resort, it's better than nothing.


Q: Why do we need another distribution like this ?

Because most of them don't fill my needs.

Most distros out there are heavy, with lots of services running in the background
Also, Systemd.

Both reasons is why this distro is not based on Ubuntu, Arch Linux or Debian.

Also, distros like Damn Small Linux or Tiny core are nice but they are either
too much complicated to install or their packages are too old.

My distro isn't Ubuntu but it's not too complicated to install.
A newbie with the documentation can install it on a computer.

RLSD is lightweight and works great on an old computer
but there are no documentation on how to install it either.

So DellardOS is somewhere between Damn Small Linux and Lubuntu.

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Page last modified on December 20, 2016, at 01:49 PM EST